Kingdom Hearts 3DS trailer showcases "Flowmotion"

It used to be that the game industry had a new buzzword for every dumb piece of tech. "Blast processing," "emotion engine," etc. Now we have Square-Enix's "Flowmotion," which seems to be fancy talk for the fact that the game's combat system is pretty fluid. Call it what you want, Kingdom Hearts fans are sure to eat it up regardless. Will you be checking out Dream Drop Distance when it, well... drops? 

Game info: In KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance], heroes Sora and Riku take the action to another level with Flowmotion. A brand new system for the series, Flowmotion makes every world your playground: spin around lampposts, grind along rails and kick off of almost any surface to explore environments and battle enemies with seamless speed and style!

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