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Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy 15 coming to E3?

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Are Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 15 going to be at E3 this year? Square Enix isn't saying, but they're not ruling it out either. What they are saying is that we "will be surprised."

Shinji Hashimoto, corporate executive of Square Enix's 1st production department, was speaking at Thailand Comic-Con and was asked whether or not the two RPGs would be making an appearance at E3 in Los Angeles next month. He replied, "We would like to keep it a secret. It just only a few months from now. I'm pretty sure you will be surprised." He later added, "We are sorry. They are secret."

There's no release dates for either game, but it's reasonable to expect both games due out in early 2015 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned for our E3 coverage next month, and cross your fingers Square Enix has Kingdom Hearts 3 in the spotlight. 

By the way, you can check out (what is most likely) the E3 trailer for Final Fantasy 15 in the video below, which someone captured from Thailand Comic-Con. The trailer starts at 15:43 and is followed by combat gameplay. 

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