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King's Table Announced for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi

September 14, 2009

King's Table Announced for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi

The Vikings are seeking a publisher to invade retail

The Viking inspired board game, “King’s Table”, historically also known as “Hnefatafl” & “Tablut” must rank as one of history’s greatest board games! Even with rather simple rules, it requires tactical sense and ability to understand the opponents thinking. It became a popular game in Northern Europe during the Viking era (end of 8th century to about 1000AD), a turbulent time full of conflict. Based on archaeological research, the game is reconstructed and appears now as it may have been played in the past.

King’s Table was, and is, a game about attack and defense! It is a highly addictive game aimed at the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi - featuring a single-player option against an artificial opponent, and a multi-player option against another human opponent. The rules of King’s Table are easy to learn, but mastering the game takes practice, perseverance, patience, strategic skills and a little luck! It is a game which, because of its simplistic nature, yet still being highly addicting, is attractive to all audiences: hardcore, as well as the casual player seeking a quick thrill on-the-go!

The game is played by two players, where one player elects to attack, while the other player elects to defend (a king). The objective for the attacker, always attacking initially from the outer edges and inwards, is to destroy the king of the defending side. In King’s Table, the attacker always has more board pieces than the defender. The objective of the defending side, always with a minority of pieces, and always initially with the king piece positioned on the boards centre piece, is to figure out a way to navigate the king piece to one of the four corner squares on the board, while avoiding the king being destroyed by the attacker. The set-up position of the pieces for the attacking side, as well as the defending side, is directly influenced by the size of the board itself, which can have varying sizes.

The Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi version of King’s Table features no less than three unique modes of play: The Single Player mode is self-explanatory, and has 3 levels of difficulty; Easy, Medium and Hard. Single Player mode is ideal for anyone with limited time, or who is on the go, to play a quick game. Naturally, progress can be saved allowing an incomplete game to be continued at the convenience of the player at a later time. The Multi-Player mode is played between two human players using a single King’s Table game cartridge. Obviously, in this mode, difficulty settings are obsolete, but as with Single Player mode, progress can be saved for continued co-play at a later time. The Tournament option is a unique (Single Player) mode that allows more dedicated players to participate in a tournament of progressing difficulty. The Tournament mode features no less than 9 different artificial opponents; 3 on easy difficulty, 3 on medium difficulty, and 3 on hard difficulty. With three modes of play, multiple board configurations and a plethora of options, this game will bring joy to players for a very long time.

  • King’s Table DS is the 1st version to appear on any current handheld & gaming console!

  • Video Tutorial included!

  • Highly addicting Single- & Multi-Player game with multiple difficulty levels!

  • Undo, Redo, Suggest & Switch Sides features for beginners!

  • Easy to learn, hard to master! Play as attacker or as defender!

  • Customizable music & sound effect settings

  • Tournament mode for experienced users; defeat 9 increasingly difficult boards!

  • Optional dice and timer features add additional challenges and fun!

  • Six unique board configurations!

  • Save & Pause features allowing you to take a break from the action

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