King of Fighters 13 releasing on Steam September 13

The King of Fighters XIII Screenshot - King of Fighters 13 Steam

The King of Fighters 13, developed and published by SNK Playmore, will be releasing on Steam for $30 on September 13. If you buy it before the game launches, then you get it 17% off for $25. 

There is a closed beta test that SNK Playmore is recruiting for. Players can apply until August 18, and the 300 participants will be chosen by lottery. 

The King of Fighters 13 Steam Edition has three different types of Online Versus matches: Ranked Match, Player Match and Friend Match. It features upgraded tutorial and story modes from its console version. In addition to the types of modes, the Steam Edition comes with three DLC characters: "lori with the Power of Flames," "NESTS Style Kyo" and "Mr. Karate." There's also a graphics option that allows the player to switch between different frame rates and simplify backgrounds, which is new to the game.

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