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Kinect Sells 10 Million Units, Games


Microsoft has announced big sales figures for Kinect and Kinect software. According to the Xbox 360 manufacturer, Kinect has sold 10 million units worldwide and 10 million individual units of Kinect-based software. Microsoft is calling the massive sales "an overwhelming success" and intends on pushing even more units forward. Plans for bringing motion-based Netflix and Hulu Plus services are also in store, and Microsoft states that these features will help sell even more Kinect peripherals.

Microsoft's milestone is no doubt an impressive feat, so much in fact that it has managed to break the Guinness world record of "fastest-selling consumer electronics device," averaging 133,333 units sold per day for a total of 8 million units moved after 60 days. Achievement unlocked, Microsoft!

The manufacturer, publisher, and developer have listed dance games as top sellers for Kinect, and there are plenty of other titles prepped for launch. Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do, The Gunstringer, Kung Fu Panda 2, and Sesame Street: Once Upon a Time are all headed to Kinect. It should be interesting to see how these titles fare on the Xbox 360 motion gaming device.


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