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What’s better than owning one Kinect Sports title? How about owning both titles in a "special" edition. Indeed, Microsoft recently announced the Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection that simply includes both titles in one bundle. Today, gamers who are unfamiliar with the games can get their arm waving actions on with the official Xbox LIVE Gold-exclusive demo. From football to volleyball, the fun will never end, unless you happen to tear a rotator cuff or tear an ACL, but that’s a real gaming experience, right?

Below you can find more information on the Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection, and more importantly, the official demo:

Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection Demo

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Price: Free (Gold-exclusive)

Download Size: 1.93 GB

Description: "This ultimate collection has two best-selling* Kinect™ games wrapped into one – putting 13 great sporting games at your fingertips. So grab your friends and compete for a personal best or jump in and out of the action in team Party Mode! Anyone can play in these controller-free, full-body sports games. With your body as the controller, nothing comes between you and the action! *Best-selling based on U.S. sales as of March 2012, reported by the NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service."

To download the official Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection demo directly to your Xbox 360, click here

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