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Kinect Sports Rivals Xbox One release dates announced


Kinect Sports Rivals will launch exclusively for Xbox One on April 8 in North America, Microsoft announced today. It'll be available in Europe on April 11.

As the name suggests, Kinect Sports Rivals makes full use of the Xbox One's Kinect peripheral, placing players in virtual sports competitions such as wave racing, rock climbing, and target shooting. Players can also participate in classic Kinect Sports games like soccer, bowling, and tennis.

Kinect Sports Rivals will become an even more immersive experience by giving players the ability to create Champions, in-game avatars customized to reflect the look and style of a player. The game also introduces teams and captains, another first for the franchise. This feature allows players to choose one of three in-game teams: the Wolf Clan, Eagle Legion, and Viper Network -- each come with its own unique equipment, abilities, and leaders that issue specific challenges while providing gameplay tips and motivation.

Preseason demo of Kinect Sports Rivals is currently available which gives players the option to compete in an online global wave racing minigame.

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