Kindle Fire holds 54% of Android Tablet market

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Amazon's Kind Fire, released back in November 2011, has seen a "rapid adoption" among tablet buyers, establishing itself as the leading Android tablet now on the market.

According to a press release from comScore, a leader in measuring the digital world, the Kindle Fire has almost doubled its share in the past two months.  Market share has risen from 29.4% in December 2011 to 54.4% share in February 2012.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab family followed with a market share of 15.4% in February, followed by the Motorola Xoom with 7.0% share.  The Asus Transformer and Toshiba AT100 completed the top five with 6.3% and 5.7% market share, respectively.

In other tablet related stats, it appears as if larger screen tablets are seeing higher levels of content consumption than smaller screens.  In the same press release, a comScore analysis of page view consumption by screen sounds found a "strong positive association" between screen size and content consumption.  Getting down to the gritty details, 10" tablets have a 39% higher consumption rate than 7" tablets and a 58% higher rate than 5" tablets.  The 10-inch tablet sees around 125 browser page views per Tablet.

This is particularly interesting news with reports circulating that Apple is planning to release a 7.86 inch iPad Mini for Q3 2012.  The latest rumors suggest the iPad mini will cost anywhere from $249 to $299 to help Apple establish a foothold in the smaller tablet market, competing against Amazon's Kindle Fire and Microsoft's Windows 8. 

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