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Kim Wu gameplay revealed in new Killer Instinct trailer

I have a freakin' dragon!

With Kim Wu being the first official character confirmed for Killer Instinct season 3, it's no surprise that she is also the first character to get a gameplay trailer as well.

The trailer shows off some of Kim Wu and her dragon fighting shadow Jago, as well as the first real mention in-game of a familiar character; Gargos. Along with Eyedol, Gargos was rumored to be returning for a while but we haven't had any real confirmation from the game itself. The evil character is referenced twice in the trailer, which you can see above.

Other confirmed characters for Season 3 are Tusk and Rash from Battletoads. He will be part of the guest characters included in the game, and be sure to look out for our Top Guest Characters we want in Season 3 article coming up later this week. Season 3 will be available on Windows 10 and Xbox One in March, but no exact date is available yet.

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