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Killzone: Shadow Fall patch 1.09 released, adds in-game clan support


Guerrilla Games has announced the release of patch 1.09 for Killzone: Shadow Fall. As previously explained by the developer, the new patch marks the first step of the game's Clan system, while also offering a number of important bug fixes.

Although Clans have been available through Killzone: Shadow Fall's website, the functionality is now implemented in-game. You'll be able to invite clan members to a party. Clan tags are also now added to the player name within the game and can be viewed in the player card, friendlist, etc. This is just the first phase of a lengthier clan rollout that Guerrilla Games has planned.

Other additions include visual changes to the Multiplayer main menu, including a top-bar from which you can browse and create new warzones. Also, the number of recommended warzones have been expanded to 9 and the friendlist has been moved to the top-right corner.

Some changes have also been made to the game's singleplayer campaign. More checkpoints have been added and the ability to lock your game to 30 frames per second should provide a steadier frame rate while playing the campaign. Lastly, the VC30 exploit which would let users with a VC30 equipped with a flashlight increase their range has been fixed.

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