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Killzone: Shadow Fall gets two free multiplayer maps: Terminal and Stormgracht


Guerilla Games has released two more free multiplayer maps for Killzone: Shadow Fall: The Terminal and Stormgracht. Both maps are available today and completely free to download, staying in line with Guerilla Games' plans not to segregate its player base.

The Terminal is situated inside the Wall on the New Helghan side, while Stormgracht is set in the toxic industrial area of the planet. Below are some more details about each map.

The Terminal

The Terminal

One side of The Terminal houses the armory control center with huge automated AA guns nearby that constantly watch over the bridge that lead to the Vektan side of the city. On the other side of the map is a series of grim holding cells. 

"With numerous platforms and floors to explore, this level will really test players’ navigational skills. Watch out for the precarious routes that line the train tracks themselves – these narrow ladders and staircases may be the key to your success or failure," Guerilla Games explains. "Above and beyond all, beware the trains… nothing that lays in their path will withstand their vicious velocity."

The Stormgracht


The Stormgracht is described as a maze of broken and discarded junk that have been washed by the floodwaters over the years. Ancient spillway gates hold back a vast manmade reservoir, but can still be opened in order to flush the Stormgracht. Once opened, the raging waters will destroy anything and everyone in its path, unless safe ground can be reached above the water level or inside the Gracht's walls.

"Spaces within the walls are cramped, but multiple routes devised from tunnels and pipes provide plenty of opportunity for players to move stealthily throughout all the interior areas. In stark contrast, the central channel itself is largely exposed, and those players willing to take the risk will find plenty of great spots for sniping. However, the deliberate lack of cover means that they may in turn leave themselves vulnerable," Guerilla Games adds. "The Stormgracht will challenge player’s tactical abilities to the extreme, as the gameplay continually shifts with every opening of the floodgates. We hope you remembered your bathing suit."

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