Killzone: Shadow Fall gets free multiplayer map, The Canyon

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Killzone: Shadow Fall players are receiving today a new free multiplayer map that will alter the way you approach multiplayer. Titled "The Canyon," the new multiplayer stage adds gravity wells, anomalous spaces where the planet's gravity field is severly distorted, allowing players to "fall" upwards to quickly reach different areas.

"Situated deep within one of the Petrusite fissures scarring planet Helghan, The Canyon is all that remains of the once-stately palatial quarters in the city of Pyrrhus," the description reads.

"Held in place by struts and bridges, this precariously balanced range of rock and crumbling infrastructure now serves a new purpose for the Helghast. Enormous mechanical pumps pierce the cityscape, syphoning the Petrusite that seeps up from the fissure to the surrounding mining spires."

The Canyon is also said to include plenty of of tight spaces for close-quarters combat, but also offers some wider open areas for those that prefer long-ranged sharp shooting.  

The Canyon is the third multiplayer map to be released for free. The first two -- The Cruiser and The Hanger -- were released in March. Whereas most developers and publishers tend to release new maps as paid-DLC, Guerrilla Games has opted to release Shadow Fall's multiplayer maps for free to keep the community from fragmenting. That's not to say all DLC is free for Shadow Fall though. Last month, Sony released The Insurgent Pack, DLC that adds new abilities, weapons, and game modes, for $9.99.

[EU PS Blog]

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