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Killzone Shadow Fall dev says game can handle 24 enemy AIs before framerate drops


It's not often that you hear devs talking about the limits of their game before you see a sudden decrease in quality. However, Guerilla Games did just that. In an interview with PlayStation Magazine, Lead Designer Eric Boltjes discusses previous limitations, and how they have adjusted them for Killzone: Shadow Fall.

“For me as a game designer what I was really interested in was getting more gameplay elements on screen. More enemy types at the same time, more weapon types. Bigger areas. For me that gives us a lot more ingredients to play around with. Previously we were limited. You could have six or seven guys on screen, only two types, and it had to be at a specific range”

When asked about the ability to have more enemies on screen, Boltjes replied with “Yes. It’s about 24, but that’s just enemy AI. And there are other types of enemy AI, lots of destructibility, lots of dynamic objects. Those have much higher limits but the amount of AI is around 24.″

While 24 certainly doesn't sound like a lot, think back to previous Killzone titles, that were filled with fast and frenetic action, and those had, according to Boltjes only about 6-7. In addition, it seems like Shadow Fall will also focus a lot on dynamic environments to make it that much more believable.

We're less than a month away from being able to get our hands on Killzone: Shadow Fall and the PlayStation 4. Who's excited?!

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