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Killzone's 1.80 Valor Patch adds a new currency to access previously paid-only content

That's a sweet deal!

Valor Patch

If you've been eyeing a few of the items in Killzone: Shadow Fall that were previously only available through using real-life currency, you'll be happy to know that with the latest patch, 1.80, you'll be able to earn Valor and get some of those items for free!

You can earn Valor simply by playing multiplayer matches. Your score in online matches will convert to valor, but you can also get various bonuses. Also, all players who have previously played the Shadow Fall Multiplayer, will ahve their game-score converted into Valor.

You can then use Valor to buy Mystery Boxes that can contain some new customization content, like this:

  • 29 spotlight moves
  • 24 automata skins
  • 15 voice packs
  • 7 crosshairs
  • 6 player card icon packs
  • 2 player skins

Or you can purchase the Gameplay mystery box that will unlock a random gameplay boost.

  • 8 Regular Boosts: Reduced Falling Damage, Faster Destruction, Faster Capture Areas, Faster Disarm Explosives, Reduced Explosive Damage, Faster Movement, Extra Throwables, and Faster Health Regeneration.
  • 2 Valor Boosts: Double Valor multiplier and Triple Valor multiplier.
  • 6 Abilities and Weapons: Tactical Echo Emitter, Epulse Emitter, Guard Drone, M82 Assault Rifle, LS12 SMG, and StA 14 Rifle.

So go kill stuff!

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