Killzone: Mercenary studio working on new PS3/PS4 game?

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Guerrilla Cambridge, the studio behind Killzone: Mercenary on the PlayStation Vita, could be working on a new AAA game for Sony's living room consoles.

The studio has posted a couple of job ads, one calling for a senior environment artist with a specific mentioning of "PS3/PS4 quality texturing." The position also calls for "development experience on recent AAA console games."

Meanwhile, the second posting, for a senior graphics programmer, is looking for an "experienced engineer to maintain and push forward existing visual effects technologies within an established rendering engine, on a major future project."

"Our candidate will have a thorough understanding of the runtime requirements of a contemporary AAA rendering engine," the posting continues. While it doesn't get into specifics, I'm willing to wager it's the same engine that powered Killzone: Shadow Fall.

At this point, it's unknown if Guerrilla Cambridge is leading production on the new AAA console title, something it has not done since the PS2 era, but given the positive reception of Killzone: Mercenary I'd like to see what the studio could come up with if given the opportunity.


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