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Killzone: Mercenary now available for digital download, composed by Ivor Novello


Those of you enjoying your time with Killzone: Mercenary will be happy to know that the game's soundtrack is now available for digital download via Sony Entertainment Network. The soundtrack features about 40 minutes of "heart-pumping" tracks that will let you relive the "drama, fear, and undying courage of war" experienced in the game.

Today, we received a bit of information about the game's composer, Ivor Novello. The nominated and Telly award winning composer has previously created dramatic original scores for films like The List, Seamonsters, and Alone in the Dark. Prior work on actual video games include Empire: Total War and Viking: Battle for Asgard.

Have a listen to the soundtrack previews below, and be sure to pay particular attention to the unique sounds for each score. As noted in an email to us, "Mair employs his extensive collection of analog digital synths and effect processors, blending live orchestral arrangements with experimental post-recording techniques."

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