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Killzone: Mercenary is releasing a week early


Sony has bumped up the release date for Killzone: Mercenary, the Vita-exclusive entry in the popular first-person shooter series. Expected to release toward the end of September, Guerilla Cambridge senior producer Mark Green announced today that Killzone: Mercenary will launch in North America on September 10.

In addition to a new trailer that shows off some intense action-packed sequences and crotch stabs, Green has provided details about the game's pre-order bonuses. Those who pre-order Killzone: Mercenary will receive "Blackjack's Briefcase," an offering that will provide an "early edge" in the game's multiplayer and Campaign mode. It includes a 48-hour double XP boost and an in-game cash bonus that will give you enough money to purchase a new weapon before even stepping out on the battlefield.

As the name suggests, Killzone: Mercenary is all about cash. As Arran Danner, a hired-gun for private military corporation Phantom, you will take on contracts for both the ISA and Helghan. War is your business and the highest-paid contract wins the fight. Earlier this year I went hands-on with Killzone: Mercenary at a preview event; you can read about my experience here.

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