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Killzone: Mercenary gets second update today

killzone: mercenary

The second update for the PS Vita's Killzone: Mercenary released today.

Like the previous patch, you'll need 1190MB of space in order to download the update. While you'll need the extra space initially, it deletes the first patch. It sucks if you're pressed for space, but it's a necessary evil to "pave the way for future planned revisions to the game." Matt Porter, tech director for Guerilla Cambridge, admitted on PlayStation Blog that it's unlikely the total size of the downloaded game plus the patch ever gets under 4GB.

The patch addresses numerous things, but specifically:

  • connectivity issues players have experienced
  • better distribution of respawn points across all game modes to give a better balance to multiplayer
  • loadout slots not being unlocked
  • a number of stability fixes

To read more, head over to PlayStation Blog. Also, check out our REVIEW of Killzone: Mercenary.

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