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Killer Instinct to reap the benefits of Xbox One post-launch dev kit feature

Jago kicking Sabrewulf's ass

Xbox One exclusive, free-to-play title Killer Instinct will reap the benefits of the console’s future dev kit feature, according to Microsoft Studios' partner creative director Ken Lobb.

In the interview with Edge Online, Lobb said that Killer Instinct will have first access of the feature soon after the console launches on November 22, giving the developer room to “whitelist” players for a controlled beta to improve character balance post-launch.

"We can do amazing things with [the dev kit feature]," Lobb said. "We can whitelist players. We're doing this with Killer Instinct. I'm going to be shipping characters after we launch and I'm going to invite about 10,000 people to be the ones that help us balance them; the same way that we've been inviting Evo people to Double Helix.

"I want to invite 10,000 really great players to help me lock down the balance on those last two characters," he added. "The way we do that is sort of like a mini version of what it means to be in dev kit mode. What we'll do is send them a code that's whitelisted. They're the only ones that can play it."

Killer Instinct was announced during this year’s E3 in Los Angeles as an Xbox One, download-only launch title. While it is a free-to-play fighter, players will have to buy most of the game’s roster, outside of “Jago” who will be available at launch.

Source: [Edge Online]

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