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Killer Instinct season 3 release date confirmed

.....And there be grenades

Killer Instinct season 3 release date confirmed
Killer Instinct fans finally know the release date for the upcoming season 3 thanks to an announcement by Microsoft this morning. With the announcement of Arbiter last week and the post trailer teaser, we also know that Tusk is officially confirmed. Let's be honest though, it was obviously him last week anyway. 
Arbiter had some key features revealed, including the addition of his Covenant carbine and grenades. That's right, there will be grenades in Killer Instinct. They will recharge over time and although unlimited, will need to be recharged prior to use. His grenades also impact Arbiter himself, so you'll need to be careful as to how you throw them or you may take yourself out of the battle as well. If you're worried about taking the chance, you can always trigger Arbiter's overshield to help absorb and mitigate some of the damage.  
Rash and Kim Wu have received some tweeks, but nothing out of the ordinary. Killer Instinct season 3 will also feature cross play on Windows 10 when it releases March 29th simultaneously on both platforms. What other guest characters do you want? Let us know below. 
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