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Kid Icarus: Uprising Delayed


A lot of major Nintendo news came out of yesterday's 3DS presser. One announcement that's sure to disappoint a few gamers--specifically those looking for something to play on their 3DS handhelds--is the delay of Kid Icarus: Uprising. According to Nintendo, the game won't be hitting store shelves until 2012.

The company went on to explain the delay; it turns out Uprising needs a little more development time. It's a shame that 3DS owners won't get to play Uprising anytime soon, especially since it's one of the more high profile games scheduled for launch on the platform.

Now, given Masahiro Sakurai's position as designer for Uprising, I think it's also safe to assume that any plans for a new Smash Bros. game can be put on the shelf for a while. After having previously stated that he was not working on anything other than Uprising, Sakurai explained that a new Smash Bros. would eventually land, but not as long as he was fully devoted to his current 3DS project. This is a bit of a bummer, but it isn't too bad considering just how much fun Brawl still is.

Nintendo should have more information on Kid Icarus: Uprising as the new year begins. It's likely the announcement of the game's delay is all we'll get for the time being. We'll be watching this game closely, though, as it's one of the 3DS titles that the Big N has been boasting quite prominently since the dual screen portable's launch.

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