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Kid throws tantrum when he gets WWE 2K15 instead of 2K16 on Christmas

A "how to" on enabling your spoiled child.

Next time you want a free game, you might want to consider purchasing your child the wrong version of a game and then posting a video of them freaking out on the internet. At least it worked for Twitter suer @_mayraduarte_ who posted a video (now-removed) of a child throwing a tantrum over getting the wrong video game.

As you can see in the video below, the boy opens WWE 2K15. The problem? That's last year's version. He apparently wanted the more recent WWE 2K16, understandably, but I'm not entirely sure this is the way to go about asking what you want.

Or maybe it is. Apparently, the tantrum garnered enough attention online that the WWE 2K team took notice and responded.

It's unclear whether or not 2K actually delivered on their promise, but to me it just seems like enabling a spoiled brat. Sure, everyone wants to make their kids happy on Christmas morning, but come on, why reward a reaction like that? 

To each their own, I suppose. The public has weighed in on the video, perhaps why the tweet was taken down, with some blasting the child for being selfish, while others were simply entertained with his ridiculous overreaction.

As for where I stand, it's a hard video for me to watch because of how materialistic we've become as a nation. Then again, it would also be hypocritical for me to completely blast this child as I'm sure I had more than my fair share of meltdowns at his age. We all like to think we were grateful for every gift we received on Christmas a child, but come on, who was actually happy when they opened a gift and saw it was a pair of socks?

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