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Kid Icarus and 3DS Circle Pad Pro Dated


Nintendo has dated a number of games and one funny little product. Games including Mario Party 9, PokePark 2, and the potentially amazing Horses 3D have been given March 11, February 27, and March 6 release dates, respectively. There's one game that I think should catch your attention almost as much as Horses 3D, though.

Kid Icarus: Uprising has been given a March 23, 2012 launch date. That's certainly good news, especially considering that Uprising is one of the handheld's most anticipated titles. Looks like we're going to have to wait a bit longer, but let's hope that wait is most certainly worth it.

Oh yeah, and Nintendo has dated the 3DS analog nub. OK OK, the 3DS Circle Pad Pro! There, I called it by its real name. Sheesh! Anyway, that wacky peripheral will release exclusively at GameStop for $19.99.

Are you looking forward to Uprising? What about the Circle Pad Pro? It's good to see some noteworthy stuff on hand for Nintendo consoles come 2012. Let's hope games like Uprising, Rhythm Heaven Fever, and Xenoblade Chronicles give Nintendo platform owners something to buzz about.

Also, this:

Edit: In my excitement to find a picture of Jack Frost, I totally forgot to list the Circle Pad Pro's launch date. Oops! You can get your hands on this monstrous nub on February 17. Or you can avoid it altogether and just wait for a 3DS redesign.

Here's a picture to show you my expression when I realized I goofed:

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