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Kid gets in trouble at school after calling classmate a "Hanzo main"; Overwatch dev responds

Hanzo isn't THAT bad.

Kid gets in trouble at school after calling classmate a "Hanzo Main"; Overwatch dev responds

Online video games have always had children shouting insults at other children or adults. It's part of the video game culture (and adolescence), but rarely do we hear of children bringing their crafty insults into the classroom.

After having her pencil taken away by another student, a young girl called the other student a "Hanzo main" and was written up by her teacher. For those who don't know what that means, Hanzo is a character in Overwatch who gets a bad rap because he's isn't really used by players who like to work with their team. To succeed in Overwatch, teamwork is key. Most people see players who choose Hanzo as their main character as selfish, so to put it in layman terms... the young girl was causing the other student selfish.

Despite the teacher not knowing what "Hanzo main" means, they reported it to her parents who actually found it very funny.

Even the official Overwatch Twitter account chimed in and cracked some jokes.

Overwatch is out now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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