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Kickstart Chaos Drift to feed your old school RPG nostalgia

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I grew up on the RPGs of old. I used to play the original Final Fantasy when my brother wasn’t home because he hated when I messed with his saved game. It’s also a sick pleasure of mine to defend old school RPGs and say how much better they are compared to modern RPG titles. Sticking with the Final Fantasy example, the 1-6 will always be my favorites, with a shout out to 7 and 9. Hell, FF6 is probably my favorite game of all time.

But I digress, I get all warm and passionate when I start talking about the RPGs of my youth. If you’re like myself, you just may want to check out Chaos Drift on Kickstarter. There is a demo there, that requires no backing, that you can get a grip of what the game will have to offer. Download it, test it out, and back the game.

As someone who is experienced in these types of games, I’ll admit it is challenging. Even the Kickstarter page says, “Chaos Drift isn't going to hold your hand.” I totally respect this and makes it somehow even more desirable to me. There is a unique class customization system for your characters allowing your to play more to your play style – similar to FF7’s materia system. Boasting world exploration, optional bosses, and optional playable characters practically time warps me to the height of the Super Nintendo.

Check out the Kickstarter, the video, the demo, and get a backin.

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