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Kick off your Holiday season with this festive chiptunes album


It's after Thanksgiving, and already almost halfway into December, which means it's about time to break out those Christmas trees, turn on some Holiday music and get into the festive mood.

What about if you're tired of the same old Jingle Bells and Little Drummer Boys? We have the solution! The awesome people at Chiptunes = WIN have released a new album called chipWINter, which takes those tired Christmas songs and turns them into chiptune awesomeness.

How much will this 14 track album run you? That's actually up to you to decide, as it's a 'pay-what-you-want' kind of deal. Feeling like Scrooge? Don't pay a thing and download it for free. But no one likes a Scrooge... no one.

You can check out the album HERE.

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