Keyboards Coming to Rock Band 3?

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Gamers who downloaded the Green Day: Rock Band demo today were treated to a bit of a surprise. Upon exiting the demo, a splash screen showing a sequence of instrument logos and a number “3” saw an odd addition to the standard guitar/drum/mic/bass line-up; a keyboard logo. This would seem to indicate that the upcoming third entry to the Rock Band franchise will incorporate a new keyboard peripheral into the mix.

While this has yet to be officially confirmed by MTV Games or Harmonix, the addition of a new instrument would definitely be a boon to the waning music game genre, which has seem a decline in consumer interest over the years. Developer Harmonix was instrumental (no pun intended) on bringing the complete band experience to consoles with the original Rock Band, which incorporated guitar, bass, drums, and singing together for the first time in a music game.

Steven Hopper
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