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Kevin Butler betrays Sony with new Bridgestone/Wii commercial


It looks like Sony's fictitious character Kevin Butler — the self-proclaimed sandwich inventor, occasional time traveler, and VP of practically everything Sony — is sleeping with the enemy.

To be fair, the new ad isn't directly for Nintendo, nor is the character in the commercial actually named Kevin Butler; rather, it's for Bridgestone's new "Game On" promotion which gives those who purchase four Bridgestone tires a free $70 American Express reward card or a Nintendo Wii system. Actor Jerry Lambert, the actor who plays Kevin Butler, is seen in the commercial as a scientist testing the new promotion by playing Mario Kart on the Wii. That's about as far as the connection goes, but it's always fun to point this sort of thing out.

Look, when you're a starving actor, you don't turn down any jobs. That includes advertising for the enemy, or in Jerry Lambert's case, Nintendo. Rest assured, regardless of this commercial, Sony's PR company still has full control over Kevin Butler's Twitter account and I don't think he's leaving anytime soon.

Hey, at least it wasn't for the Wii U. Am I right?!

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