KeSPA to Make the Switch to StarCraft II

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The Korean eSports Players Association has long been the dominating force in eSports in Korea - however, due to agreement issues, they have not yet been able to have any StarCraft II tournaments, while GomTV has been able to have the Global Starcraft II League uncontested for quite some time. That's all about to change - Mike Morhaime of Blizzard Entertainment was in Korea visiting to improve relations between KeSPA and Blizzard, hoping to get KeSPA's pro league to make the switch up to StarCraft II.

This is especially interesting as all of the teams and players involved with KeSPA were still focused on Brood War while negotiations were at a standstill. Perhaps we will see the likes of Flash and Jaedong facing off against current SC2 legends like IdrA or HuK? Time will tell, but Morhaime seemed pretty confident saying "I am aware of KeSPA and OGN's wishes to run a Starcraft 2 tournament. I expect all issues to be dealt with and a tournament to open this year. Alot will happen in Korea this year."

Definitely looking forward to seeing how this develops!

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