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Ken Levine weighs in on Mass Effect 3 ending fiasco


Unarguably the hottest topic in the gaming industry right now is Mass Effect 3's ending. Whether you personally loved the ending, or felt it was a major let down, one cannot deny that it has sparked a debate that's become historic in and of itself. BioWare has finally confirmed to its passionate fans that they'll be "reconstructing" the ending to tie loose ends and provide proper closure. While the decision has satisfied many, some are saddened, including BioShock Infinite's Ken Levine.

During a panel celebrating the opening of the Smithsonian’s new “The Art of Video Games” exhibition, Ken Levine was asked what he thought about BioWare's response to their fans. His response can be seen below:

"I think if those people got what they wanted and [BioWare] wrote their ending they would be very disappointed in the emotional feeling they got because ... they didn't really create it. I think this whole thing is making me a little bit sad because I don't think anyone would get what they wanted if that happened."

BioWare-Mythic creative director Paul Barnett also chimed in on the matter in a more passionate manner:

"If computer games are art then I fully endorse the author of the artwork to have a statement about what they believe should happen. Just as J.K. Rowling can end her books and say that is the end of Harry Potter. I don't think she should be forced to make another one.”

This entire fiasco has been historic. One positive note that can be seen out of it all, though, is that fans still incredibly care about story and its narrative. Now that BioWare have confirmed an ending fix, how would you like to see Mass Effect 3 end? Chime in with your thoughts and concerns below.


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