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Ken Levine: BioShock Infinite Being Influenced by Occupy Wallstreet


If you have being paying attention to the news lately, you may have heard about the Occupy Wallstreet demonstrations happening all across the country. These mainly peaceful protests have been arguing over big business and its role in America's economy. Ken Levine, along with the rest of the BioShock Infinite, have been paying close attention to these demonstrations, and have been basing part of Infinite's story on the Occupy Wallstreet campaign.  

In an interview with The Wallstreet Journal, Levine states: 


"Ive been spending a lot of time watching Occupy Wall Street..." Levine says. "Leftist groups tend not to like authority; nobody in them tends to listen to it. So Occupy Wall Street has been helping me because I've been struggling to figure out how the Vox Populi get to the point in the demo. Throughout the game, you're actually watching them -- you see in the beginning of the game that they're a dead movement and a movement that really fails, and it picks up steam based upon your actions."

"Hopefully, Occupy Wall Street won't get to the point that the Vox Populi does," Levine continues, "but seeing it spread and taken more seriously, that's been interesting and really helpful."

BioShock Infinite is already shaping up to be 2012's biggest title. Utilizing these demonstrations can only add depth to the game's story, and hopefully add a personal touch that sparks player's imaginations. 

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