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Keiji Infafune's first post-Capcom title revealed


It's no secret that the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3 is largely responsible for my dangerous alcohol dependency, unable to cope with the thought of a world where the Blue Bomber remains forever trapped on the moon. Thankfully. Keiji Infafune hasn't let the death of his former project keep him down, eagerly slaving away on his next great masterpiece...

What the fu...

Apparently drawing its inspiration from H.G. Welles famous tale The Island of Doctor Moreau, "Dr. Momo's Island" stars a crazy little girl who likes to splice animals together into fiendish new creatures. Players can create their own horrifying pets, then trade them with other Android users, attempting to breed the ultimate creature like some sick eugenics-glorifying Pokemon.

Meanwhile, we're Inafune remains at work on his announced 3DS title: King of Pirates, which should hopefully deliver a bit more of that classic Megaman-style charm. You can see more of Dr. Momo's Island on Andriasang. If you need me, I'll be drowning in scotch.

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