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Keiji Inafune thanks fans for Mighty No. 9 support on Kickstarter


It's been a great weekend for game developer Keiji Inafune. From launching his Kickstarter on Saturday, August 31st, to it being completely funded on September 2nd, and then reaching its very first stretch goal earlier today.

This is a big deal for both Inafune, being able to make a spiritual successor to Mega Man, and for the heartbroken fans after Mega Man was left stuck on the moon by Capcom.

Of course Inafune and the team are absolutely overwhelmed with joy after such an amazing response, and Inafune himself, thanks to 2 Player Productions, has posted a brief video of himself thanking all the fans that still believe in him, and are ready for Beck to start his amazing journey in Mighty No. 9.

The Kickstarter still has 28 days to go, which is more than plenty of time to get those amazing stretch goals in. Go show your support, and prove to Capcom just how much we still care about Blue Bombers and their robotic nemeses.

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