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Kazuo Hirai: Vita sales on 'the low end' of expectations

Kaz Hirai introducing the PS Vita

With Sony now disguising the Vita's disappointing sales numbers by combining it with PSP sales, it's hard for analysts to gauge the success (or failure) of Sony's once-promising handheld. The Vita, which was released worldwide in February 2012, has been the subject of harsh criticism thanks, in part, to lackluster sales and a relatively weak lineup of games.

Many have been quick to write the Vita off as a flop, but Sony's Chief Executive Kazuo Hirai has said sales are right where they expected them -- although on the lower end. Speaking to a room full of reporters at CES 2013, Hirai fielded questions about the PlayStation Vita and Sony's year-end holiday sales.

"I would say it’s on the low end of what we expected,” said Hirai said via The Wall Street Journal. He refrained from casting judgment on the system, insisting it must be on sale for five-to-10 years before labeling it as a success or failure. And without knowing the specific Vita number (with PSP not included), it's impossible for us to judge. The last number we heard from Sony for the Vita was 1.8 million sales as of May 2012.

What about the rest of Sony's year-end holiday sales? Hirai said it was "pretty much" in line with expectations. 

Which leads me to my next question, has Sony's actions regarding the PS3 and PS Vita met your expectations?

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