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Katamari creator's next game is Tenya Wanya Teens


Last month, we discovered that famed Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi was working on a new project. We now know that said project is titled Tenya Wanya Teens, though a lot of the game is still shrouded in mystery.

The title is a collaboration between Takahashi, Takahashi's wife Asuka Sakai, Venus Patrol, Wild Rumpus, and Uvula. Tenya Wanya Teens is scheduled to make its official live debut at GDC.

 According to a Venus Patrol post, "It’s a coming-of-age tale about love, hygiene, monsters and finding discarded erotic magazines in the woods. It’s a game about trying desperately to not say or do the wrong thing at the wrong time — that universal struggle to maintain the facade of normality during the awkward transition from child- to adulthood."

Tenya Wanya Teens is a two-player game, and it features quite the peculiar controller. How do 16 buttons sound to you? Stay tuned for more info as Venus Patrol confirmed that details will follow GDC. It's especially interesting to think about the fact that this game is being planned for a full release. Will it land on consoles or possibly launch as a standalone piece of hardware? It's anyone's guess at this point.

[Venus Patrol]

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