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Karma’s new abilities revealed in League of Legends


If you’re a League of Legends player, you know Karma doesn’t see a whole lot of game time. Her old kit was too dependent on other players knowing exactly what she was planning on doing. Sure, her shield trumpeted all others, but she was always just a bit – blah. This blahness stemmed from both her kit and physical design.  Riot decided to fix both of these.

While Karma’s new look was revealed earlier this month, her kit was still a mystery. Well, recently Riot pulled the curtain and revealed Karma’s new and improved abilities. Karma was originally designed for support purposes, though people were playing her as a burst mage top or mid. Riot decided to roll with that, and the new Karma will excel in the solo lane or as a support champ. Her passive makes her spells lower her mantra cooldowns, her tether now can stun, and her shield will now add a speed boost.

Over all her new kit offers her old kit in new ways. Check out the abilities below:

  • Passive: Gathering Fire – Hitting enemy champions with Karma’s spells and basic attacks lower Mantra’s cooldown.
  • Q: Inner Flame – Skillshot that deals magic damage and slows enemies in an area. Empowered by Mantra: Soulflare – Increases damage and leaves behind a zone that slows and, after a brief delay, explodes for AoE damage.
  • W: Focused Resolve – Enemy-targeted tether that deals damage over time. If the tether is unbroken after a short duration, the tethered target is rooted in place.Empowered by Mantra: Renewal – Deals bonus damage and heals Karma for the duration of the tether.
  • E: Inspire – Shields an ally and grants them a short speed boost. Empowered by Mantra: Defiance – Enemies near the shielded ally are damaged while nearby allies are shielded and granted a short speed boost.
  • R: Mantra – Empowers Karma’s abilities, adding an extra effect to the next ability cast.

Except Karma 2.0 on the public test server soon.


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