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Kane and Lynch Mobile Launches Across Carriers

December 17, 2007

Kane and Lynch Mobile Launches Across Carriers

IO's two anti-heroes bring their explosive mix of action and betrayal to a game created specifically for mobile devices

Eidos Interactive, one of the world's leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, has released its next generation action title Kane and Lynch: Dead Men on mobile devices, in a version developed especially for mobile platforms by Danish Developer, Kiloo, with input from Io Interactive, the original development studio for the game.

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is a cinematic crime drama that tells a raw and gritty tale of two anti-heroes - one a flawed mercenary, the other a medicated psychopath: Forced to embark on a violent and chaotic journey and hating each other every step of the way, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men features a gripping storyline and relentless third-person action.

Spanning 38 action-packed levels across five very different scenarios, Kane and Lynch mobile takes the form of a fast paced action game. Armed with a wealth of firearms, explosives, deadly booby traps and gadgets, the pair must blast a path through each heavily-guarded location, using simple yet effective menu systems to switch between shotguns and assault rifles with ease. With its mixture of platform elements and exploration - coupled with a seemingly endless army of enemies and interactive backdrops - Kane and Lynch mobile is a challenging game where the stakes are high and the action is unrelenting...

For full details of Kane and Lynch: Dead Men for mobile phone, please check with your carrier. Availability and pricing varies by carrier.

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