K.O. the competition in Real Boxing on PS Vita

Real Boxing will be the first premiere boxing sim on the PS Vita, powered by the powerful Unreal Engine 3. If you're looking for realism in your boxing experience, you'll find it here as every fighter has been motion captured, meaning every punch and jab will be realistically simulated.

From physical and touch controls, a slew of modes, multiplayer options and player customization, Real Boxing will give the player the choice to play how they want and when they want.

Real Boxing will feature:

  • Real Boxing: The first console-style pro boxing simulation game on PS Vita

  • Stunning UE3 Graphics: Improved character models and visuals compared to mobile versions

  • Multiplayer Bouts: New online modes designed exclusively for PS Vita (online and Ad-hoc)

  • Weekly Tournaments: Competition based on multiplayer leaderboards

  • Added Depth: Improved combo system and deeper gameplay

  • Control Options: Touch and extended buttons control scheme in addition to analog stick control

  • New Mini-game: Unique clinch mini-game utilizing tilt controls

  • Upgrade your Fighter: Customize every detail of your boxer using the new upgrade system

  • Social Options: Support for PS Vita’s Near social network

You'll be able to KO the competition starting August 28th.

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