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'Justice League' rumored to be next after 'Man of Steel', would have the new Batman in it

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According to Batman on Film, DC is planning on haveing its Justice League movie go up against The Avengers 2 in the summer of 2015. The site reported that a DC source said the studio's plans are to release Justice League as the next movie after the Superman movie Man of Steel. With this timeline, there's no way we'll see a new version of Batman get his own movie before the superhero mash-up.

Instead, we will see this new Batman in the film, and then he would be launched into a new series of Batman movies. Don't expect to see Henry Cavill as Superman, either. Man of Steel director Zack Snyder claims that Man of Steel is not linked to the Justice League project. So, like Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, it has no bearing on anything Justice League.

The is the exact opposite approach that Marvel has done setting up their Avengers movie. They had movies for Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, all linked to one another and then coming together for The Avengers. With the DC characters, there's a Batman we'll never see again, so a new one has to be introduced — likely a new take on the character instead of trying to replicate Nolan's feel. There's Superman from Man of Steel, which will likely be its own trilogy that stands side-by-side with the Justice League Superman. I'm not comfortable having two versions of Superman out there at roughly the same time. So the two biggest and best characters of the Justice League will — while already well-known by fans — have no movies that link them to the story in the Justice League. It already sounds like this project is going to be tough to swallow.

It's also rumored that DC will use Justice League as a chance to reboot Green Lantern. I think it's fair to say that the Ryan Reynolds movie was not a success among critics or fans. While Warner Bros. and DC hammer out all of the details, Gangster Squad scribe Will Beall is working on the script, so I guess he's responsible for the Batman and Superman we'll bee seeing in Justice League.

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[Source: Totalfilm and Batman on Film]

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