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Just how much work went into the creation of the music in League of Legends’ Freljord?


Much like all of the music in League of Legends, the Freljord theme is both powerful and conveys a message through the notes. If you haven’t heard the icy/march yet, do yourself a favor and click HERE. Riot composer Christian "Praeco" Linke has done it once again with the theme for the newest Freljord patch. Oh Riot, how you like to go beyond the expectations of gaming.

First off, conventional instruments just won’t do. With the Swedish nyckelharpa, a bassy and frosty sound is perfect for the northern kingdom. When finding the ideal sound for this piece, you just don’t start with something as unique as a nyckelharpa – you discover it. Throw a professional Irish singer and the woman who did the Diana’s theme for the vocals, and you get an eerie, beautiful, march sounding work of art.  

League of Legends - Nycelharpa

Listen to the music above and watch the Riot video below. Excuse the pun, but you’ll get chills.

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