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Just Cause 3 devs already working on two new games

They don't like to dilly-dally.

Just Cause 3 devs already working on two new games

Earlier this week, Avalanche Studios released Just Cause 3, which turned out to be a pretty great game (despite some hiccups here and there). While the developers are creating a fix the technical issues in Just Cause 3, the studio has already set its eyes on new sights.

According to the Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Avalanche Studios, Christofer Sundberg, the developers are working on two 'action-packed sandbox' games. That's right, Avalanche doesn't want to explore any uncharted territory with their new games, they are going to keep doing more of the same.

Considering the genre they are hiring for, it wouldn't crazy to suspect a sequel to Mad Max or a fourth installment in the Just Cause series. The job listing that Sundberg linked reveals openings in both Stockholm and New York. The Stockholm studio was the very same studio that was behind Mad Max - which kind of supports suspicions. Of course, Avalanche could always be working on entirely new IPs.

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