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Just 40,000 Wii U units sold in the UK?

Wii U Black Console box

As everyone knows by now, the Wii U released in the UK on November 30. Nintendo's new console had a warm reception here in the U.S., selling around 400,000 units in its opening week. How did it fare overseas though?

MCV is reporting that "around 40,000" Wii U units were sold in its first 48 hours of availability. The number may seem low, but it's being said that supply shortages are hampering sales. However, it should be noted that Wii U's can be found aplenty in stores and that the report is merely trying to hide the fact that Nintendo could be struggling to move units.

Nintendo has faced unfair criticism and bias leading up to the launch of the Wii U and I can't help but feel many are just waiting, and possibly hoping, the system is a flop. Regardless of its initial sales, analysts agree that it's still too early to judge the Wii U's long-term potential.

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