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Jurrassic Park: The Game Releases on PSN Today


If you're like us, Dinosaurs are the one thing that gets your blood pumpin'. We're talking some serious prehistoric lizard action here, and the only that gets us crazier than those big T-Rex chompers is the savage underwater terror that is the Mossasaur. And Jurrassic Park: The Game has both of these baddies? AND VELOCIRAPTORS?! My unquenchable excitement is leaking through the seat of my pants! Look at these screenshots!

Mossasaur coming for you bro!

Oh damn is that your girlfriend?! Nope, it's just a Dilophosaurus!

Better T-Check yourself before you T-Rex yourself!

Oh, I guess the game is out today on PSN... hmm, kind of wasted all my dinosaur excitement on this post. Anyhow, check out the Playstation blog for more deets on this cool adventure game from Telltale.

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