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June PS Plus: Here are your free PS4, PS3 and Vita games for the U.S.


Sony has just announced the lineup of free PlayStation Plus games for the month of June in the United States, and it's quite similar to what they are getting in Europe. Similar to across the sea, Sony is changing up certain parts of the PlayStation Plus service. For starters, every PlayStation platform (PS4, PS3, and Vita) will get two free games per month, beginning in June. Additionally, Sony is also adjusting the length of time each title will be available. Starting in July, every title in the Instant Game Collection will be available on the first Tuesday of the month, and will be free for the month, until the first Tuesday of the following month, essentially removing the guesswork of how long the game will be available for free.

"In the coming weeks, you’ll see that several of the titles that have had a nice, long stint in the Instant Game Collection will be phased out, so if you’re new to the service and haven’t had a chance to download all of the titles available through PS Plus — or if you’ve been thinking about subscribing but haven’t yet — now is the perfect time to get all the great games available with PS Plus," said SCEA's John Koller, VP of Platforms Marketing.

Now, on to your free PS Plus games for the month of June:

PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Trine 2: The Complete StoryA puzzle platformer set in a gorgeous fantasy world. While playing, you'll switch between three different heroes (a thief, warrior, and mage) to complete the journey.

Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate: A twin stick shooter that involves blasting things, exploration and puzzle-solving. Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate combines the campaigns of Shooter 1 and 2 into a single package with new features (cross-play and cross-save) and optimizations.

PlayStation 3 (PS3)

NBA 2K14: It seems like an odd time to release this for free, given that we are so close to the end of the 2014 NBA season (and a few games away from the Heat claiming their third championship). Perhaps Sony is thinking the playoffs have gotten everyone in the mood to play some basketball. We all know the only way the Pacers are making the finals is in a video game. If anything, this will hodl you over until the release of NBA 2K15 in October.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time: The pages fo the Thievius Raccoonus are disappearing, and now Sly Cooper and the gang must get back together to save the Cooper Clan legacy from being destroyed forever. Since this is a cross-buy title, downloading it for free on PS3 also means you'll get it for free on the Vita next month as well.

PS Vita

Terraria: Dig, fight, explore, and build. Featurin gover a dozen environments and hundreds of items to craft and enemies to defeat, the precedurally generated world of Terraria is your 2D canvas. Make it your own.

Mutant Mudds DeluxeMutant Mudds Deluxe is a spin on the traditional 2D platformer. That's because Max, the game's 2D sprite, can leap into the third dimension by jetting between the background and the forground playfields using his jetpack. If you love pixels, platformers, or the 8-bit or 16-bit eras, then you'll probably love Mutant Mudds Deluxe.

As usual, there's some overlap between the PS Plus games in the U.S. and Europe. See what PS Plus members in Europe are getting for free in June here.

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