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Julie Larson-Green is Microsoft's new head of Xbox hardware

Julie Larson-Green

Julie Larson-Green, former head of Microsoft's Windows division, has been announced as the new head of Xbox hardware, following Don Mattrick's departure from the company earlier this month.

Larson-Green will lead Microsoft's new Devices and Studios Engineering Group as part of "far-reaching alignment" of the company's internal structure. As part of Microsoft's "single strategy as one company", the Devices and Studios Engineering group will replace Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business and will bring all hardware development into one division. This means Larson-Green will be responsible for "studios experiences including all games, music, video and other entertainment" and oversee all of Microsoft's hardware development -- including the Xbox brand.

Elsewhere in the company, former Windows Phone boss Terry Myerson will now head up the Operating Systems Engineering Group, which is responsible for development on the Xbox One's operating system as well as the OS for mobile devices and all core cloud services.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer concluded: "Lots of change. But in all of this, many key things remains the same. Our incredible people, our spirit, our commitment, our belief in the transformative power of technology — our Microsoft technology — to make the world a better place for billions of people and millions of businesses around the world. It’s why I come to work inspired every day. It’s why we’ve evolved before, and why we’re evolving now. Because we’re not done."

You can read Microsoft's full vision statement for the company in Ballmer's memo here.

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