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Joymax Opens the Gates of Hell Garden in Darkeden

December 17, 2008

Joymax Opens the Gates of Hell Garden in Darkeden

Update Includes New Market Items and the 200-Floor Hell Garden Dungeon

Joymax has released a new update for their vampiric MMORPG Darkeden. The new content includes access to the treacherous Hell Garden and a number of new market items, from forges and hourglasses to new yellow drops, all available in-game to the brave Slayers, Vampires, and Ousters of Darkeden.

Hell Garden is a five-story dungeon available to characters of level 100 and higher. Every story contains four ten-floor towers, each with a timed boss battle at the top. Players are rewarded for overall progress, but the best items can only be earned by defeating the final bosses of each tower.

To find out more about Hell Garden and the new market items, visit the Darkeden website at

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