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Jonathan Blow, Braid, The Witness Dev Shows Prototype for His Next Game

Blow talks about making game design easier, shows prototype of new game

Jonathan Blow, Braid, The Witness Dev Shows Prototype for His Next Game

Jonathan Blow, the creator of Braid and The Witness, spoke at the Reboot Develop conference in Croatia, but it wasn't necessarily about a game. It was more about programming and how to make it easier using different engines. But he does show a prototype of the game he's currently working on.

He shows a (very) brief look at the prototype of a character pushing around a block. He talks at much greater length about programming, which if game design is an interest, it's quite fascinating. 

This Twitch video shows the entire conference. Blow's prototype can be seen at 5:32:45.

Watch live video from RebootDevelop on Again, Blow emphasized that the game is in the very early stages and isn't ready to be announced. Instead, he's focusing on making an in-game editor and engine. He even said the engine will be given away for free for other developers to use.

The game, though not ready for announcement, currently has "25+ hours of single-player gameplay" but is isn't polished yet. The visuals currently just look "like programmer art slabs."

Blow last released The Witness in 2016. Check out our review of The Witness here.

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