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Join The Mission To Save The Galaxy With Aliens In The Attic Available Now Nationwide

August 4, 2009

Join The Mission To Save The Galaxy With Aliens In The Attic Available Now Nationwide

Family Action-Adventure Video Game Based on the 20th Century Fox Summer Movie

Playlogic Entertainment, Inc. announced today that Aliens in the Attic, the family friendly, action-adventure video game based on the Twentieth Century Fox movie, is now available in retail stores nationwide. Aliens in the Attic will be available on the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2 and on Windows PC.

Aliens in the Attic video game follows the storyline of the adventure-comedy film about a group of kids on a family vacation who must stave off an attack by knee-high alien invaders with world-conquering ambitions; all while trying to keep their parents from finding out! Although the storyline is the similar, the video game offers the player two different gameplay perspectives based on which console version is being played.

Aliens in the Attic for DS allows players to switch between the film’s main characters, Hannah, Tom, and Jake, tasking players to rid the planet of the ankle-biting alien invaders. Aliens in the Attic for Wii, PC and PS2 switches roles, casting players as the Zirkonians, the motley crew of aliens who have arrived on Earth. The player’s jobs as a Zirkonian: prepare Earth for a Zirkonian invasion by activating a Sizematron device sent to Earth long ago that will enlarge the aliens and the entire invasion force – the Sizematron just happens to be located under the vacation home.

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