Join 1.8 million people who have played Magicka with a free weekend and DLC

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Paradox Interactive is rewarding players for two successful years of Magicka by offering them free downloadable content and a free-to-play period.

The new DLC is called Free Jólnir’s Workshop, where players "must liberate the wintry workshop of Jólnir, the Crimson King, from a horde of goblins," the publisher wrote on its blog. "Jólnir, having let his guard down following a harsh holiday work season, has been forcibly evicted by greedy beasts and needs the help of Magicka’s well-meaning wizards to resolve this little labor dispute. New monsters, including Goblin Snow Troopers and Autonomous Cannons, will defend their new holdings in the middle of a hazardous blizzard, while wizards take cover behind enormous piles of leftover presents and packages."

Paradox is also letting new players try out the action-adventure game for free this weekend. Magicka has sold 1.8 million copies since launch in 2011, releasing expansions such as Vietnam and The Stars Are Left.

You can find new patch notes detailing fixes for several major issues and crashes on the website's forums.

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