Joe Danger Touch challenges hit 1 million plays in 3 weeks

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New content has done wonders for Joe Danger Touch, according to developer Hello Games in a blog post today. The mobile version has shot up 1 million plays in the three weeks since the last update's launch.

Hello Games introduced a new mode earlier this month that doubled the game's size. These Daily Challenges enable players to check in every day to download a new level, which they can then revisit anytime. Completing every challenge in a week unlocks a whole new week's worth of levels (up to three, or 21 challenges).

"We wanted to experiment with making a mode that would give you more reason to have a go every day, so we thought of making levels that would unlock each day of the week, but only if you play them," managing director Sean Murray wrote in a post.

Spelunky developer Mossmouth recently announced a similar feature with randomly generated, Steam-exclusive daily challenges that take place on a global scale. They begin August 8.

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